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We now offer comprehensive Covid -19 Disinfection Services in the San Diego Area

We now offer comprehensive Covid -19 Disinfection Services in the San Diego Area

COVID-19 Cleaning & Disinfection

The worldwide Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has people scrambling to protect themselves, their homes and businesses from potential contamination. The effects of this type of biohazard situation can survive on surfaces up to 17 days and people infected by the virus do not show symptoms up to two weeks after infection. These factors make it difficult to track and contain, which is why having a trusted professional disease remediation company protect and clean your business is so important.

Disinfection Connection is the industry leader in Electrostatic Disinfection, including Coronavirus disinfection, and delivers the highest professional standards possible. We provide rapid emergency response 24/7 throughout the San Diego area so you can have peace of mind in the event of an outbreak.

We provide comprehensive Electrostatic Disinfection with EPA and FDA approved cleaning solutions designed to kill Germs, viruses, influenza and including strains of COVID including COVID-19.

An innovative new surface treatment system that combines proven electrostatic technology with trusted EPA approved products to quickly and easily provide superior coverage in even the hardest-to-reach places. Using patented electrostatic technology to optimize product delivery, the Disinfection Connection of San Diego process is a cost-effective solution for efficient comprehensive surface treatment that is designed to help keep facilities healthier while saving them time, money and labor.

Why not use Disinfection Connection professional Electrostatic Disinfection cleaning services before reopening your business and ensure your workplace is hygienic and safe for all employees?

Disinfection Connection of San Diego offers virus and disinfection clean-up services and will get you started on the road to a healthy workplace. You focus on work; we will focus on the cleaning.

Disinfection Connection adheres to all OSHA regulations and strictly follows the most contemporary procedures when it comes to disease cleanup and disinfection. Coronavirus (COVID-19) is still complex, but Disinfection Connection adheres and consults with the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) for up-to-date solutions and utilizes CDC approved and EPA registered disinfectants.

When it comes to virus disinfection, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Call 858-260-4321 and schedule a virtual or on-site consultation with one of our Professional COVID-19 Electrostatic Disinfection Services Technicians.

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Customer Reviews

The Cleaning Company

Customer Reviews

Natalia A December 2019

Thank you, Mahura for amazing job at our community! Attention to detail, punctuality, and great attitude is a rate is commercial cleaning companies; so highly respect Mahura and her team for amazing job they are doing.

Stephanie Mendoza November 2019

Excellent costumer service. Staff is very helpful and know what they are talking about. Mahura is very quick to respond with any issues or questions that you may have and always has a positive attitude, definitely makes the environment welcoming.

Jorge Martinez November 2019

Great experience with The Cleaning Company. Everyone is very professional, respectful and very dedicated to bringing top notch customer service to all their clients. Their OP Mahura is very knowledgeable in chemicals, equipment and she always goes the extra mile for her customers.

Albert Canedo December 9, 2019

The Cleaning Company are a very reliable and responsible cleaning service that takes pride in the service they provide. I strongly recommend to hire them for all you cleaning needs.

Mary Holmes December 2019

We find The Cleaning Company to meet our expectations for what terms were agreed to. At the beginning, there were a few issues to work out but The Cleaning Company was prompt and attentive to meet our concern. I would recommend The Cleaning Company to anyone without hesitation.

Rebecca R November 2019

he entire crew of The Cleaning Company has been very professional and easy to work with. From the administrative staff to the janitorial professionals onsite, they listen carefully, and provide thorough follow up. The crew and supervisors anticipate any issues and resolve them quickly and leave the property in great condition on a consistent schedule. I would highly recommend using The Cleaning Company’s services from small projects to large commercial businesses.

Presbyterian Churches

Personal Testimony
After placing The Cleaning Company in two different churches and seeing the work the Cleaning Company and their employees do, I can’t imagine why any business doesn’t use the Green program from the Cleaning Company of San Diego. In both situations, we saved money compared to the service we had on staff prior to the Cleaning Company coming aboard. In both situations, the level of service increased dramatically.

Erika F.

Manager of Physicians Health Care of San Diego, CA
“The Cleaning Company does an amazing job keeping our studios in spotless condition. I am very happy with the green products they use as our customers’ health is our number one priority. The Cleaning Company is extremely professional, reliable and friendly.”

Jan Lawson​

"Great Cleaning company. They have been cleaning my five-story office building three times a week for the past ten months, They are thorough, professional and on time. Restrooms are clean and floors shining again."


Personal Testimony
“The Cleaning Company has done a great job keeping our offices, cubicles, computers and desk tops clean and clear of dust. The service is prompt and reliable – I’d recommend The Cleaning Company to anyone needing a bit of extra sprucing up around their multi floors of offices.”