San Diego School Cleaning Services

Schools present unique challenges in terms of their day to day cleaning, and we’ve come up with a system to address these challenges. Knowing that germs run rampant every day in schools, we disinfect surfaces that spread these germs- door handles, water fountains, light switches, etc. We use the best products to be effective in disinfecting all types of spreadable germs, including the H1N1 virus. In restrooms, a common source of frustration for countless administrators, we use emzymatic cleaners to combat odors. We also have a system that keeps our clients on the same page as us, providing them access to the pictures and names of personnel authorized to be on the property, a calendar that tells them what we’re doing and when, as well as a complete list of all of the products used at their facility. It’s through this website, it’s unique to The Cleaning Company, Inc. , and it works. We would be happy to provide you with a customized proposal for your school at your convenience to see what we can do for you.