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Providing Commercial Cleaning & Janitorial Services all over San Diego County.

We love our jobs, and we’re not afraid to let our fun personalities shine through either.
For all our differences, we all share an unwavering commitment to our customers.

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Charles Howatt


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Charles started his cleaning journey with parents that were obsessed with a clean home and who made their 4 kids make that a reality.  He’s carried that with him through his life and he knows what is clean and what is not- and the steps on how to get there. 

A nice guy but determined to be the best cleaning company that’s ever existed, he’s focused on making sure the Cleaning Company follows through with the promises they make, and being there for his teammates when they need a good laugh.

Janitorial Services San Diego | Office Cleaning | Commercial Cleaning

Isaac Espinoza

Chief Operating Officer

858-754-7085 mobile

Don’t let his double chin fool you, Isaac is an operational phenomenon.  He makes things happen where other people would turn on their heals and run. 

He believes in this company and is the hands on kind of guy to do it himself if it needs doing. He’s a “make it happen” guy, and we’re lucky to have him make sure the right people are at the right place at the right time.

Janitorial Services San Diego | Office Cleaning | Commercial Cleaning

Freddie Chavez

Director of Quality Control

Freddie’s shy nature is backed up by an intense nature to make sure things are done right. 

He has an extensive background in the janitorial industry and his easy-going nature to our clients is met with strictness when it comes to making sure any issues are dealt with punctually and with the follow through you would expect from someone who really cares.  Don’t EVER underestimate his ability to get things done!

Any great business is the sum of its people, and we have the best people in the business! With a depth of experience, our team at The Cleaning Company offers you the best professional janitorial service in the San Diego Area. 

We believe in having a team that comes from diverse backgrounds, and this allows us to provide the best professional janitorial services in the San Diego Area. Whether you’re calling us up to set an initial appointment or you’ve been using The Cleaning Company for years, you’ll enjoy all your interactions with us.

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