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It’s no secret that the cleanliness of your workplace has a huge impact on the way your company or organization is perceived—especially if your facility is used to interact with clients or customers. The cleanliness of your home also greatly impacts your guests’ view of you and your family, as well as the overall health of your loved ones.
We can make your facility a more desirable place to be!
In case you hadn’t noticed, all cleaning efforts are not the same! Where some people clean, others just hide or redistribute the mess. At TCC, we employ the most thorough and environmentally-sound cleaning methods available. Color-coded, microfiber rags prevent cross-contamination, and backpack vacuums ensure that dust and dirt is removed—not just swept out of the way. We keep some of the San Diego Area’s busiest offices and homes clean, but our services go way beyond that!

TCC provides Commercial Cleaning services for:
Offices & Managed Properties-  If you have a busy office that requires professional cleaning services, TCC can ensure your facility ​ is kept clean and beautiful.
Restaurants- The cleanliness of restaurants can greatly impact the amount of customers you receive each day. We can clean your entire restaurant so guests keep returning!
Schools– Regardless of the size of your school, we can eliminate germs throughout the entire campus. From door handles to light switches, we can ensure you and your students are safe.
Homeowner Associations– With common areas, homeowner associations can be difficult to keep clean. When you hire our team, however, we can clean your areas on a schedule that you select.
Medical and Dental Offices It is imperative your medical office is disinfected every day to ensure patients do not leave your office sicker than when they came in.
Bars & Nightclubs- We understand the amount of abuse bars and nightclubs face on a nightly basis. We can clean bars as close to your closing time as possible to ensure spills and smells are easy to remove.
Car Dealerships- Since your business depends on customers, our cleaning team works hard to ensure each customer’s first impression is a great one.
Churches- Churches are often rented out for multiple uses. We can clean your place of worship after every use to ensure it looks clean for your services.
Movie Theatres- With popcorn, soda, and candy littering your movie theater’s floor, it can be incredibly laborious to clean said areas. We vacuum, mop, and disinfect your theaters so they can look brand new.
Parking Facilities- Our team goes above and beyond what is expected from cleaning parking facilities. We sweep, perform light maintenance, and remove graffiti from your premises.
Day Porter Services We employ the finest cleaning professionals to meet your day cleaning needs. All daytime cleaners will report any issues of vandalism, broken fixtures, etc. that they encounter.
Other- No matter what type of area you need cleaned, we can clean it. Our English-speaking staff can work with you to determine the best cleaning plan at an affordable price.

TCC has received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) of San Diego, is a member of the Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association (ISSA), and is San Diego Green certified. In other words, whatever your commercial cleaning needs, ​you can rest assured that we’re up to the task!

“We don’t cut corners, We clean them.”

Rated A+ by the BBB – Providing Commercial Cleaning & Janitorial Services all over San Diego County – Serving commercial managed properties, HOA’s, office buildings, warehouse facilities, local businesses, medical offices and local Fortune 500 companies. Call us a844-682-2467 or 858-260-4321.